Erum Client Countries

Over 60+ countries that is the extension of Erum Enterprises outreach around the globe. We have been recommended by the numerous number of well known companies to identified, screened and recruited to the perfect match according to the recruitments of the companies. Our core understandings of professional standards all over the globe those countries help us to analyze the malleability of our candidates and recruit accordingly. We ensure going to be extra mile for head hunts not just with the perfect skills match, but also compatible with the companies requirements.

You’re invited to reach us via email to determine how we will be best in head hunting for your country.

Erum Enterprises Clients

Erum Enterprises is proud of having recruited over thousands of professionals across 5 continents. We are overvaluing want to express our gratitude to each of our hundreds of clients who make us the recognition in many countries.

Erum Enterprises Commendation

Our devoted services towards our premier recruitment agencies by our clients, is our most cherished commendation. We highly appreciate the fact that most of our clients completely depend on ur for all their manpower requirements, also refer their patrons to seek our support in catering to their needs in Human resources.

Our prestige clients have recognized and applauded our proficiency and excellence in delivering the best in manpower recruitment solutions. We have often been acclaimed through the letters of appreciation and admiration from our valuable clients, who trust us enough to authorize and empower us with the power of attorney for their requirements.

Please reach us via email if you’d like us to share some of our letter of reference and appreciations.

List of logos some prestige organizations below:

Benefits of using the services of Erum Enterprises

Some of the benefits that provides through our services used:

Our business approach

  • Highly systematic and streamlined methodology for the whole process of recruitments
  • Clear and well defined approach help us to provide manpower according to Clients requirement at stipulated time.
  • Services support of qualified and efficient staff for testing, interviewing and assessment
  • Selection process handed by the people with immense knowledge and experienced in the field thus enabling us to tackle client requirements promptly.

Our Search Methods

  • As per requirement of our organization we emphases on the method of handling search for candidate tailored to specific circumstances
  • This has to be done keeping in mind considerations like industry-specific skills and location of such talent acquisition
  • Based on this, we shortlist candidates
  • Here, geographic scope of search is agreed upon with client, based on their work values

Our Work Process

  • We proactively tap market for excellent candidates as per clients requirements
  • Once candidates are identified, we conduct in-depth interviews with each individual
  • Here, we obtain detailed information (on topics like educational background, career goals, personality traits, experience, job history, compensation etc)

Team and Infrastructure

  • Backed with powerful and well integrated recruitment technologies, we have team of seasoned expert recruiters
  • We have latest facilities in area of communication, frequent transport and others that leads to expedition of entire process
  • All our recruiters have significant management experience where for most of posts, they have “been there and seen it all”
  • They understand job requirement completely and appreciate that it is human resource that forms backbone of organization’s success